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Bamboo as a sustainable resource has been finding its way into several designs; thanks to great designers, bamboo is now applicable almost anywhere plastic is applicable. Such is the case in this collection of bamboo calculators. While all your friends at school or workplace are boasting of their ever efficient calculators, you can impress them with one of these elegant calculators.

At the rate at which we extract the earth’s resources, we might exhaust them soon, and that is why we need to move towards sustainable resources such as bamboo. The bamboo plant is one of the world’s fastest growing plants; it can go from seed to harvestable state in a few years. Exploring renewable resource such as bamboo reduces the rate at which more trees are felled to create wood products. In the long run, using bamboo products is your way of saving the earth’s resources.

This collection of calculators is not only pleasing to the eyes, but the calculators are also as efficient as calculators made from any other type of material. Some of the calculators come with solar-powered, making them a completely self-sustainable tool to use. Everything that is not an electronic component on the calculators is pure natural bamboo wood. You can’t afford not to have one of these eco-friendly calculators.


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Onyx and Green Solar Powered 8 Digit Calculator made from Bamboo (4404)


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