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Bamboo as a modern raw material and alternative to wood

Bamboo is a very fast growing grass. The bamboo stalks, which are still very soft in the first few years of their life, harden within a few years, are lignified, harvested and then processed. You have already seen this in a similar way with the reeds in the neighbor's garden: Crisp green stalks after shoots, lignify them over time and provide a good material for the construction of bow and arrow.

Bamboo is a fairly sustainable raw material, but the long transport routes from Asia are somewhat negative. The manufacturing industry, which comprises many millions of people, and the workplaces connected to it are of course very positive.

Bamboo grows in most climatic zones, also in the United States, undemanding and stable. The temperatures of the site have something to do with how big a bamboo plant grows and how much biomass and therefore also bamboo wood you can produce, so most of the bamboo products come from subtropical areas like Asia or Latin America. Growing heights of up to 30 metres with maximum culmination diameters of up to 30 cm and thick outer walls (much bamboo wood). As one of the fastest growing plants, bamboo grows up to 1 meter per day under optimal conditions!!

The grown bamboo stalk has to cure for about 2-4 years and can then be harvested and processed.

Living basis for many people

Bamboo is one of the livelihoods of many millions of people around the world. Bamboo shoots are edible, very healthy and nutritious. The wood obtained from the bamboo stalks is very robust and fast-growing. For thousands of years, everything in Asia has been and is simply made of bamboo, because bamboo is omnipresent there and can be used for many different purposes due to its good material properties. Countless jobs depend on the processing and culture of this particular plant. Bamboo stalks are usually harvested in wild, natural bamboo forests and no tree is damaged.

International trade has recognised that there is a demand for bamboo products in the western countries of the world, and this is why bamboo products have been increasingly imported for more than 15 years. Pay attention to this when you go shopping next time - in many places you will find bamboo decorations or useful things.

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