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Bamboo is an extraordinary plant. In contrast to most other plants, bamboo grows 'predominantly' vegetatively. The very vigorous bamboo rhizomes (roots) of the bamboo plants grow constantly and let new shoots sprout - thus the entire Bambushain grows.

At a great time, however, bamboo plants are blooming - and then there are the seeds . For science are the flowering cycles To this day a mystery, so the different species cycle between 30 and 120 years, produce seed and die Afterwards usually ab. The dying off of the bamboo plants is another exciting mechanism of nature , because only through the Dying of the mother plant may seem enough sun on the ground to allow the seedlings to germinate, and only by the demise The mother plant has the new generation of bamboo plants enough water to survive. The by and by of the dying mother plant Falling leaves, the now still young bamboo plants mollify and protect the soil from direct sunlight and thus dehydration.

The flowering of bamboo stands in Asia has often led to major failures in the economy, but the stocks are recovering Within a few decades.

Simple rearing of the bamboo seeds

If you buy Bamboo Seeds online , you will usually get an appropriate breeding guide for the appropriate bamboo species. If this is not the case, you should read it further because a bamboo seed is not more complicated than other plants. Bamboo is a light cone, so the seeds should not be covered by the plant substrate. A suitable soil can be found in every home market: nurturing, cocooshusus, sows or pikers, pay attention to a good one Drainage properties. You can prefer the substrate and the seeds in a small mini-greenhouse , The Cheap Alternative with Do-It-Yourself approach are simple yogurt cups that are placed in a freezer and sealed And thus a very cheap mini-greenhouse .

The substrate must never dry out and should be kept moist. Regularly remove or open the cover of the greenhouse The bags to feed fresh air and to prevent mold . After approx. 2-3 weeks should germinate the first seeds. Since bamboo is a monocotyledon, the first contact with your bamboo will consist of a single, "indivisible, delicate leaf".

The germinated seeds can now be separated and pressed easily into the soil into a "own" pot (or yogurt beaker).

Instructions, bamboo germinate:

  • Check the product evaluations of seeds with regard to germination rate (successful germination)
  • Seed one night in water glass,
  • Bamboo seeds put on rather sandy soil,
  • Keep wet, usually kl. Glasshouse,
  • Indirect sun, warm place ,
  • 2-3 weeks (some varieties to 1 year) wait,
  • seperate, into a separate vessel transplant,
  • Keep slightly moist, no direct sun in the first months,
  • Greater Thick when substrate is rooted ,
  • Bamboo fertilizer or ragout (without moss destroyer).

Caution: Exotic bamboo varieties are not able to survive hard winter and are not suitable for gardens in snowy areas

If it does not with the method above, they vary a little in the process and try following with a partial quantity of your seed directly:

  • Seed the seeds on a folded toilet paper
  • Peel seeds (does not happen naturally in nature, can help with older or very hard shells)
  • Do not allow the seeds to swell overnight

Develop passion and create small test populations.


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