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Bamboo torches add aesthetics to outdoor decorations; not only do they light up the surroundings with their bright and customizable flames. They also add the natural and traditional tiki culture to any settings. Bamboo torches enhance party decorations; they are suitable for garden designs; they look great when used as antiques for indoor decorations. You may never find enough use for this collection of bamboo torches.

The torches are made from reusable bamboo woods, and they are durable and able to withstand extreme heat from the flames burning on them. Making products from renewable resources is the only way to avoid hitting bottom with earth’s natural resources. Instead of disposing or burning off used bamboo woods, they are reused in making ornamental tools such as these bamboo torches.

Ranging from traditional flame lighting to modern electrically powered lighting, this collection bamboo torches has got them all. Browse the collection and find solar powered luminous torches, tabletop torches, patriotic themed torches, and much more. Fuel-powered torches in the collection come with refillable or replaceable fuel containers. Tall torch stands can withstand breeze. You can choose from various color designs that go with your initial decorations, and lastly, the price range fits into your expenses.


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(28.73 $)

TIKI Brand 57-Inch Luau Bamboo Torches - 4 pack

(19.95 $)

Backyadda Outdoor Torch Replacement Canisters (16 oz.). Compatible with Tiki Bra...

(15.89 $)

LANMU Torch Canisters,Bamboo Torch Refill Canister,Replacement Citronella Torch ...

(59.99 $)

Bamboo Torches; Decorative Torches; Fiberglass Wicks; Extra-Large (16oz) Metal C...

(21.99 $)

LANMU Torch Canisters, Bamboo Torch Refill Canister, Replacement Citronella Torc...

(42.99 $)

Matney Bamboo Torches – Includes Metal Oil Canisters with Covers to Extinguish F...


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Matney Bamboo Torches – Includes Metal Oil Canisters with Covers to Extinguish Flame – Great for Out...


SUNYPLAY Torch Canisters 4 Pack Bamboo Torch Refill Canister 12oz Replacement Outdoor Torch Canister...


DIKAIDA 4 Pack Torch Replacement Canisters 12 oz Bamboo Torch Refill Can Compatible Most Brand and...


SVHelix Torch Canisters Bamboo Torch Refill Canister Replacement Citronella Torch Fuel Canisters w...


Torch Canisters Refillable Bamboo Torch Refill Canister - 4 PCS 12 oz Citronella Fuel Torches Repla...


AJIJING Torch Canisters for Tiki 6 Pcs Metal Citronella Fuel Torches Replacement Canisters with Wick...


INAROCK TORCH-6P Bamboo 6 PCs Replacement Citronella Fuel Canisters with Wicks and Covers Outdoor P...


TIKI Brand 60-inch Royal Polynesian Bamboo Torch; Dark Finish 4-pack


TIKI Brand 57-Inch Americana Patriotic Bamboo Torch with FlameKeeper Technology Single Torch


TIKI Brand Clean Burn BiteFighter Mosquito Repellent Torch Fuel 64 Ounces & Brand 57-Inch Luau Bamb...


Jay Trends Bamboo Tiki Torch Candle Holder 4 Dia. x 12 3/4 H Includes 2 1/2 Dia. x 2 1/2 H Wax Can...


Tabletop Bamboo Torch (candle included) Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)


SUPNON Carry Case Compatible with Nintendo Switch Ultra Slim Hard Shell Protective Carrying Case f...


Tiki FlameKeeper Bamboo Brown 57 in. Garden Torch - Case of: 24